January 20th, 2016

Pssssst. Hey you! Yea, you. Come closer. I have a secret to share with you.

Here at LookThink, we have a secret sauce that makes our team and our collective value to clients impactful and addictive.

Just ask some of our long-term clients like Tax Analysts, ASPB, and CalAmp who came to us years ago for a singular effort and now regularly collaborate with our team on anything and everything digital including technical support, website enhancements, and online marketing initiatives.

So how do these long term relationships come to be?

After more than four years at LookThink — working on countless projects with a myriad of clients — I’ve determined that it comes down to something I like to call “Beanies, Berets, and Ballcaps.”


All the hats
I'd show you a picture of exactly that, but this is much cuter.


What does that have to do with User Experience? Everything.

At LookThink, all members of our team wear multiple hats. No one — I repeat no one — has only one job here. Of course, we all have our area of expertise (a subject for another post), but we politely refuse to be an assembly line of workers, each only contributing to one phase of a project.


Also, not particularly accurate, but very cute. 


Our designers know how to code, our developers have a keen eye for design, our project managers are business analysts and testers...you get the point. We each play multiple roles in the project life cycle, because each phase of a project — be it user research, information architecture, design, back-end code, front-end styling, or testing — is inextricably related.

How can you sell a project without understanding if the clients requests are achievable in the desired time and budget? If you design in a vacuum, how can you assure that the deliverable can be built using the selected technology? How can you test a website or platform if you don’t have intimate knowledge of how it is supposed to look and function?

These are the kind of deep-dive questions we must ask each other to ensure impressive end-products that look great, function beautifully, and achieve real business goals for our clients.

Well, we have told you about the hats we wear. So...

What hats do you wear?