November 23rd, 2020

What is Student Success Hub? has launched the release of their Student Success Hub, a powerful tool to help schools build a holistic approach to supporting their students need. There are a wide range of features designed to help educators understand the whole student in order to spend more time teaching & helping instead of focusing on data entry and manual reporting. Here are some FAQs on Salesforce Student Success Hub to help you better understand the power behind the platform:

What will I be able to see with Student Success Hub?

Student Success Hub provides a 360° view of the whole student. You'll be able to see grades, attendance, household information, and behavior - all in one place.  Collaborators will also be able to add information to a student record over time by adding notes or tasks that relate to that student's success. Teams will be able to track support activities to ensure the student is getting the support they need, which also creates accountability, visibility, and transparency for different departments (i.e., teachers, counselors, aids, etc) to follow through and report progress on support activities. 

How will I know if I have a task to complete in Student Success Hub?

Student Success Hub is a data-driven tool that becomes more powerful from the data you put into it. By bringing multiple data points together, you can determine which students are at risk, sooner. You'll have the ability to create custom alerts and automatic follow-up tasks through out-of-the-box functionality, not custom code. 

How does Student Success Hub work if every student is different?

You'll have the ability to create Student Success Plans and customize what tasks make sense for your school when it comes to interventions and support scenarios. The biggest cause of inaction often comes from the lack of clear direction or planning, but with Student Success Hub, you'll be able to identify the action plan, leaders, and next steps for common scenarios.

What does case management look like in Student Success Hub?

With Student Success Hub, you'll be able to collaborate with the necessary team members while limiting what information is pertinent to their involvement. You'll have the ability to securely chat, assign tasks, share notes, and refine success plans while limiting sensitive information about the student in order to protect the student's privacy to those who explicitly need to know.

My school is unique. Can you make custom reports in Student Success Hub?

Yes, you can create reports that make sense for your school. You'll not only be able to track student's academic progress, but also their participation in programs, interventions, and success plans. By monitoring progress in all areas of a student's success, you'll be able to more successfully get an understanding of what's working and what's not.

LookThink CognoSIS led the implementation of Student Success Hub pilot with Madera Unified School District. To see a demo of what we did, contact us