March 26th, 2021

If your school isn’t using a digital enrollment platform, you're most likely overlooking holes in the enrollment pipeline — and spending time and energy on manual documentation and record keeping. 

Replacing old-school spreadsheets with an integrated, online Student Information System (SIS) streamlines data collection — and allows admins and educators to pivot swiftly when problems arise. With instant access to enrollment reports, they can make informed decisions that better support their students and their schools. 

What to look for in a Data-Driven Enrollment Solution

These are the critical components of a data-driven enrollment strategy your SIS should support. 

  • Flexible Processes: Streamlined, intuitive systems with customizable dashboards keep administrators and teachers focused on their students — not on clunky, confusing software. 
  • Software Integrations: Integrated data = informed decision-making. Gain greater visibility across the entire student lifecycle and generate solutions tailored to your school.
  • Multi-School Scheduling: Many schools don’t limit course offerings to one campus or traditional term limits — their enrollment solution shouldn’t either. Multi-school scheduling accommodates course needs for every student — anytime, anywhere. 
  • One-Click Enrollment: Manually re-entering students into courses year after year is tedious and time-consuming — especially for public schools with large student bodies. Multi-student auto-enrollment registers students in next year’s class with just one click.   
  • Web Accessibility: All users should have a successful, positive experience. Platforms that meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) mean all members of your community — including those with disabilities — will be equally supported by their technology. 

Revolutionize Your Operations

Reduce Time, Efforts & Cost

Without an online system that stores and organizes all student data in one place, it’s difficult to track enrollment and re-enrollment year over year. An integrated, digital solution easily identifies holes in your pipeline so you can intervene and improve. 

Improve Analytics & Reporting 

Public school districts need to decrease mistakes and increase processing speeds for new student admissions and registrations. Intuitive, configurable dashboards allow staff to manage tasks, re-engage stalled enrollments, and track the acceptance pipeline from a single view. 

Increase Pipeline Visibility

Streamlined workflows and customized task tracking helps your team manage the enrollment process at every step. Charter schools regularly need to gain critical insight into their enrollment pipeline to identify potential student drop-off. By implementing targeted changes that anticipate where engagement has lagged, schools can reach their annual enrollment goals. 

Your School, Your Way

Every school — large, small, public, or private — has its own set of priorities. LookThink CognoSIS is a powerful and flexible education solution designed to meet each school’s unique needs. If you’d like to learn more, see a demo, or discuss your enrollment strategy, we’d love to chat with you to uncover the perfect solution for your school.  

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