May 17th, 2019

Here at LookThink, project strategists aren’t just your typical project managers. We come from different backgrounds, with a variety of underlying skill sets that make each of us a unique asset to your project and product. 

Sure, we do the typical project management tasks such as setting meetings, updating you on your project’s budget and timeline, and wrangling our team members. 

But we do so much more for you and your product.


  • Dig deep into requirements
  • Thoroughly understand your business case and processes
  • Run user research
  • Perform user testing
  • Advocate for your business needs
  • Consult on the user experience designs and give feedback on prototypes
  • Contribute to technical approaches
  • Use UXPin and Adobe products to iterate quickly
  • Spend hours QCing
  • Write proposals daily
  • Order copious amounts of La Croix and snacks for the office
  • And most importantly, bring different perspectives to the team

Project Strategists of LookThink: Ellen, Laura, Rachel, Nicole, and Chandler

Unsure what to call us?

We are too - you will hear us be referred to as a project manager, project strategist, UX strategist, etc. That's because we do it all. 

Our team is rounded out by having people from varying backgrounds. This allows us to collaborate, support, and help each of us grow every day. 

We have:

  • One team member that escaped the print world to come to the tech side. She can ensure your marketing materials pop when printed while also managing a Salesforce implementation.
  • One team member traveled the world while working remotely and gained a giant network of brilliant resources. Back in DC, she can also be seen directing a photoshoot.
  • Another who comes with a strong technical background and brings a fresh idea to every project, all while managing and inspiring our project strategy team.
  • One whose non-profit experience and election interests will bring your product to new levels while successfully transitioning a Salesforce instance from Visualforce to Lightning.
  • And last, but not even remotely least, another who worked to brings a background in politics, sustainability, data analysis and visualization that can also be seen wrangling the most difficult projects and team members with a smile at every turn.

Our unique experiences and skill sets allow every one of us to bring a fresh perspective to every project, product, and client that our teams work with. Additionally, because we are an open and collaborative team, you will have every one of these amazing brains involved in your project at some point. How cool is that?  

We are excited to take on every project that comes through the door as we are guaranteed to learn something new and meet more amazing people. We hope you are as excited to work with us as we are to work with you.