May 4th, 2020

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company that provides a platform for businesses to track, communicate, and expand their business efforts with customers. Salesforce also sells a suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Salesforce is taking over several industries (Non-profit, Financial, Education, Healthcare, and more) and markets with its easy-to-use and customizable software, allowing integrations with almost any system and providing built-in applications that are available to all users. If you’re unfamiliar with them now, you won’t be for long!

Getting started with Salesforce may be frightening, dreadful, and cause your head to spin… but with the help of Salesforce Trailheads all of that anxiety can be subdued!


Salesforce Trailheads = Salesforce Help

Salesforce Trailheads are Salesforce's very own learning academy! Let’s make some clear distinctions. Trailheads are not the dreadful textbook course — rather a fun and interactive way to learn anything fundamental and advanced techniques.

The best perk about Salesforce Trailheads is your organization does not have to use Salesforce in order for you to join the Trailhead Community! Are you looking to gain some in-demand skills or maybe looking for a shift in career? In your downtime would you like to learn something new to help your organization improve their use of Salesforce? Would you like to gain praise and recognition from Salesforce? Well, Salesforce Trailheads are your way to go!


Where Do I Get Started?

We have put together LookThink's Recommendations for the best trailheads to get your organization running with the fundamentals of Salesforce.

1. Salesforce Platform Basics

Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build custom functionality.

Learning Topics Include:

  • Getting Started on Salesforce
  • Use Cases
  • Understanding Salesforce Architecture
  • Navigation Set Up


2. Lightning Experience Customization

While Salesforce offers out of the box functionality, some organizations need some customization for their Lightning experience. The Lightning Platform enables you to build apps and customizations fast for desktops and mobile devices using powerful drag and drop tools.

Learning Topics Include:

  • How to Create Custom Lightning Apps
  • Customizing Report Views
  • Compact Layouts
  • Customizing Detail Page Layouts
  • Custom Buttons and Quick Links

3. Reports & Dashboards for Salesforce Lightning Experience

Reporting on your key metrics and providing easy to understand visual data is ideal for many people. This trailhead will walk you through just how to do it!

Learning Topics Include:

  • Creating and Formatting Reports
  • Visualize Data via Dashboards
  • Extend Reporting w/ App Exchange


Next thing you know you’ll be an expert Salesforce guru! Make sure you stay up to date with new things you want to learn and check out what new trailheads have been added. More importantly make sure you are putting your new knowledge to use; in no time, you'll be the person we are coming to to ask for advice!