September 4th, 2020

Your organization has made a huge investment in Salesforce, one of the most powerful CRMs on the market, but you're having a hard time getting your employees to actually use it and use it correctly. While Salesforce is certainly a powerful tool, there can be some frustrations around its usability. In fact, 40% of people report feeling completely frustrated by the platform. 


We conducted a survey of Salesforce users and managers with Productions Plus Research to gain a better understanding of the top 3 pain points users experience when using the system and just how costly these pain points can be if left unresolved. This is why we created this infographic of the 3 truths to Salesforce that can impact productivity, along with some resources around what you can do to create a more efficient Salesforce org. Salesforce is incredibly powerful and it's important to understand how to utilize its full potential.


So how do you increase employee productivity in Salesforce? To learn more about how to increase Salesforce usability, check out our ebook below: