November 20th, 2015

We’ve been hard at work rebranding LookThink behind the scenes here at 1410 Q. You may have noticed our new logo popping up on our social media channels. That’s our equivalent to ‘dipping our toes in the water’. We’ve been slowly rolling out bits and pieces of our new brand language, leading up to the launch of our new website! Take a look around - you’re already here!

Our clients will tell you the monochrome logotype we’d been using didn’t adequately reflect our personality, culture and style. It’s not that we didn’t like it (or maybe it was) - it’s because we’ve really been evolving into the kind of company that we were always meant to be. We’ve outgrown our original brand. Our culture, office, and work products have vibrancy and energy - our face to the world needs to reflect that.

Designing a logo is a daunting task - even more so when you’re creating your own. To land where we are today, we started without a timeline (we know, it’s a luxury most brands don’t have). We had months of conversation and collaboration from all corners of our team. Designers, Project Managers, Developers, Interns, Subject Matter Experts - everyone’s voice was equal. Our logo represents all of us. We did our best to treat our logo like any client project. We considered the visual impact of our logo, how it would LOOK. But we also considered the business impacts of changing our brand - we forced ourselves to THINK about how change should look and the story it should tell.

We made word cloud after word cloud, trying to figure out what makes us, well, us. We knew the feeling of LookThink, but how do you describe why things “just work” on a good team?

We had so many decisions to make, are we — organic or sharp? thick or thin? subtle or bold...what are our colors? Why? What kind of imagery spoke to us? Typographically - are we Serif? Sans Serif….

In the end we found a mark that represents our multifaceted, collaborative approach to business in all the right ways.

LookThink Logo Animation

Why do we love it?

  • You see something different every time you look at it. We believe that every project we tackle, no matter how similar to a previous project, requires a new perspective and presents a unique challenge.
  • It has a central focus that branches out. We’re far more than just a web design firm. We’re here to help clients spark an idea and run with it.
  • It’s based in reality. Take a second look at our logo -  you’ll see an L and T for LookThink.
  • It’s boxed in, but not too much. We love the structure of the cube, a nod to our business-minded approach; but we’re also creative and don’t work within confines. We have structure and process - but we don’t allow our projects to be ruled by it.
  • Finally - it embodies our core belief that real problem solving means never taking things at face value. Just taking a different perspective can often be the key to opening your eyes to an entirely new set of solutions for whatever problem you face.

We’re wicked excited about our new logo and visual brand identity, and we hope you are too. Keep an eye on us as we evolve, enhance and strengthen it as time goes by - like you’d expect from any self-aware and brand-savvy organization.