June 3rd, 2020

Freeman surveyed thousands of in-person business, industry, or professional event attendees across a variety of industries to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on future in-person event attendance. There's one statistic that stands out for us:

61% of B2B event attendees feel they do not have enough information to make a decision of when to attend an event

Expected Timeframe of Attending In-Person B2B Events

Source: Freeman Insight Brief, B-to-B Event Attendee Sentiments

With concerns regarding travel and large crowds, it's no surprise that it could take 6-12 months for turnout rates to reach pre-crisis levels. Health and safety should be the number one concern right now and event producers need to prioritize safety and sanitization. 

With the first wave of virtual solutions underway, it's time for event producers and exhibitors to start considering a long-term strategy for virtual events. According to Freeman, 63% of marketers are currently hosting digital experiences but more than 50% reported that learning new technology platforms for online events was a challenge. As a user experience firm, we know all too well the challenges that come with user adoption for digital solutions. That's why we created our own Virtual Event and Exhibit solution to help craft the experience you crave for your attendees without the tedious technical onboarding. 

Our virtual event and exhibit solution fosters:

  • Meaningful communication between attendees
  • Creative opportunities for advertising and sponsorship
  • Custom branding & virtual booth creation (if desired)
  • Attendee behavior tracking
  • Integration with tools you already use
  • Immersive, interactive experiences
  • Accessibility
  • and so much more
Don't wait to do something you can start thinking about today. Virtual event solutions can be complicated and overwhelming but they don't have to be. To request a demo or discuss your virtual event strategy, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.